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Extra-virgin olive oil is the highest quality and purest olive oil available. Buy extra virgin crude olive oil and enjoy oil that is 100% pure, free of any chemicals or heat, and has a free fatty acid content no greater than 0.08%.

Buy extra virgin crude olive oil and enjoy oil that is 100% pure, free of any chemicals or heat, and has a free fatty acid content no greater than 0.08%.

Difference between refined olive oil and extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil: it is the purest grade of olive oil. During extraction, companies are called upon to evaluate the various grades of olive oil. When you buy extra virgin crude from Jarun Chaiya, you can be certain to have the grade that is first cold-pressed with techniques that do not modify the chemical composition of the oil in any way.

Virgin olive oil is usually unrefined oil with a higher level of free fatty acids than a mild flavor and flavor, low chemical standards, and extra Virgin olive oil.

Refined olive oil: known as pure olive oil, classical olive oil, regular olive oil, or simply “olive oil” is olive fruit oil that is not suitable for virgin designation for acidity levels and other factors. Its organic and chemical composition is being modified via purification with heat and/or chemicals to remove all aroma and taste. The resulting product is soft, almost colorless oil, mixed with a small amount of virgin olive oil to provide some balance.

Pure olive oil must have at least 10% virgin oil and oleic acid levels between 3-4%. This oil is commonly used for cooking because of its high smoke point and less pronounced flavor than virgin oils. Light olive oil has the lightest true flavor of olives and is the lowest grade. Extra light olive oil has a slightly lighter flavor than light olive oil but is still considered a lower quality product. Although most people believe that the term “light” is translated into lower fats or calories than in the case of light olive oil. Only a small amount of virgin olive oil is used in light oils, which results in a lighter flavor.

Health benefits of crude olive oil

Improve heart health: Heart disease is the leading cause of premature death in the world. Interestingly, populations living in Mediterranean regions have low rates of mortality from heart disease. Extra virgin olive oil is thought to be a major factor in their high consumption of calories. It seems that the active compounds in extra virgin olive oil have powerful cardio-protective properties, such as helping to lower blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). A large review study found that those who ate the most olive oil were 9% less likely to have heart problems and 11% less likely to die early than those who ate the least olive oil.

Strengthen bones: when you buy extra virgin crude olive oil which is rich in polyphenols, it could help prevent bone loss with aging.

Animal and human studies suggest that olive oil can inhibit bone withdrawal (degradation of calcium) and increase bone formation.

A recent study found that people who consumed the highest amount of extra virgin olive oil had reduced the risk of broken bones by 51%.

This is an exciting prospect, but more research is needed as most human studies were relatively small.

Fight diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which the body’s insulin-secreting cells are not as effective at moving sugar out of the blood and into cells. It’s thought that the phenolic compounds present in the high-grade olive oil help to improve the sensitivity and effectiveness of insulin. As such, you can buy extra virgin crude olive oil to help to manage blood sugar levels. A large study found that including olive oil in your daily diet could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 13%. A diet high in olive oil was also found to help improve blood sugar levels in people who have type 2 diabetes.

Extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen

Virgin olive oil provides the wealthiest olive flavor and healthier benefits, mainly because the additional set of virgin oil comes from the first batch of olives without using heat or chemicals to extract oil.

  • Good olive oil and vinegar can add flavor and nutrients to salads, making them a healthy and delicious option.
  • It serves for steamed and roast vegetables as well as grills.
  • Extra virgin crude olive oil is equally used as a dipping sauce for crusty bread thanks to its special spices meant to enhance the flavor of your bread.

To release aroma, add a little oil to dishes that are already hot, like soups or pasta, for a silkier texture.



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